Atomic Theory
according to natural law knowledge

Part 1

The term „atom“ comes from the Greek word atomon , which means: the indivisible.

In this theory the atom stands for the smallest, indivisible, indestructible, permanently existing
Basic element out of which any matter is made of.

A short description of the way to the smallest particle (atom):
There are many branches of development – retracing, one can see that those branches are based
on some basic stages of development only. Tracing back this basic developments at some point
one reaches the origin/beginning an comes to the basic element.
The basic element is the origin/beginning of each basic development stage and consits of two
single components. The origin/beginning of all this is long ago – it lies in the basic element
of all basic elements (the beginning of the origin).

In the basic element of all basic elements lies the beginning of the origin and consists
of the following two single components:





(basic element of all things)


Schematic representation:


Only the existence of these two components makes all things in any form or with any capability possible. Apparently there are a lot of other elements but they are only stages of the basic built.
The basic element is always the same: the decisive point is how it is built or composed of
and this defines what it is.

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